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BEC Vantage Speaking Test Video

This video shows both candidates being interviewed by the examiner, while the interlocutor listens. It demonstrates the format of Part 1 of the Cambridge BEC (Business English) Vantage speaking test and how the candidates are expected to interact with each other.

BEC Vantage speaking testPart 2

BEC Vantage speaking test part 1 video transcript

Good afternoon, I'm Sally Mattson and this is my colleague Jenny Cook, she's just going to listen to us - and your names are ...?

Kirsten ... Chris

And Kirsten, where are you from?
I'm from denmark.

And Chris, where are you from?
I'm from Belgium.

Can I have your marks sheets please? ... thank you ...

Do you work or are you a student Chris?
I just finished my master degree in Belgium - I studied Economics

And what about you Kirsten?
Right now I'm studying Business English but I've been ... previously I've been working at the Danish refugee council in Denmark.

Thank you, what do you like most about your studies?
Well, I prefer the international business because I hope I will work in this area in the future.

And what about you Chris?
I really like the finance part of the studies because I like figures and things like that.

Thank you.

Now I'm going to ask you both some questions about career opportunities ...

How important is it to you to have opportunities for promotion in your career Kirsten?
I think it's a really important and I like to have a goal that I can push further and further all the time ... I think it motivates me and makes me more competitive so yes that's quite important for me.

How about you Chris?
I totally agree with her, especially for the motivation part of promotion, it's quite important

Do you think companies should provide training for possible future career opportunities for all staff?
Maybe not for all the staff ... maybe especially for the motivated staff but otherwise it would be wasted money if they leave the company ... or things like that

What do think Kirsten?
Yeah, I would agree with that.

Kirsten, is the opportunity to work abroad important to you in your career?
I think the first years of my career it would be really interesting and important for me too
to travel around and work abroad but ... but ... after some years I think I will start my own family and settle down in just one country.

And ... Chris, do you think it is better for your career to stay in one comapny or to work for a number of companies?
I think it's better to work for a number of companies because you'll get more experience and that is better on your CV so ...

Thank you.

Part 2 of BEC Vantage speaking test.


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